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Advanced threat detection for remote users
Manage and secure your devices from the cloud
GEARS is a network security management platform for IT and security professionals that provides advanced threat detection and compliance enforcement both for devices in the network and for remote users.
Find advanced threats detected within the last 7 days
interactive graphs help pinpoint devices with antiphishing, antivirus, backup, and firewall issues.
  • Monitor all kinds of devices - Windows and Mac desktops, laptops, servers and virtual machines
  • Assess all types of applications - Antivirus, hard disk encryption, public file sharing and more
  • Automatically remediate issues - Disable public file sharing applications, update virus definitions, enable firewall protection and more
  • Detect advanced threats that the installed antivirus missed or could not remediate
  • Get detailed status reports for devices in your network

GEARS offers:

  • More visibility and control over devices
  • Single, task-oriented view of all devices
  • Reassurance of device health
  • Decreases in your day to day IT tasks
  • Free monitoring of up to 25 devices!
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GEARS is a must have for cloud-based network monitoring!

"Sivan Design specializes in GIS software solutions for land administration, management of roads, highways, underground infrastructure, contracts, and maintenance, with four offices in North America and Africa and sales and technical sales staff traveling constantly worldwide. Many of our customers are government entities that require auditable security compliance reporting and enhanced security through advanced threat detection, especially for remote users. GEARS greatly simplifies the task of monitoring employee and guest devices, alerting our IT team to security and compliance issues anywhere in the company."

Shlomi Sivan, CEO
Sivan Design

More visibility and control

GEARS provides more visibility into more endpoints and devices on your network and more of the applications installed on those devices than other network monitoring solutions. Easily manage Windows and Mac devices, monitor the status of protection applications such as hard disk encryption (a requirement for HIPAA compliance), third party patch clients (for example, Secunia and IBM Bigfix), antivirus, firewall and more, and receive alerts about potentially unwanted or compromising applications like public file sharing. GEARS also provides visibility into system information for managed devices, including whether the device is password protected.

Plus, GEARS gives you control over your devices by enabling you to restore device compliance. Remediate issues and uninstall unwanted applications directly through your GEARS console. Get a product tour to learn more about the supported remediation actions and the application removal feature, powered by OPSWAT's AppRemover technology.

Easily filter for specific devices using intuitive controls

Advanced threat detection

GEARS utilizes OPSWAT's Metascan Online technology as well as the detection history of your installed antivirus software to determine if devices in the network, as well as remote devices, are infected, so that you can deny network access and take action immediately. This combination provides detection of advanced and persistent threats in your network so that you can take action immediately.

GEARS also ensures that the security applications reporting their status are authentic so that you don't have to worry about application spoofing or rogue antivirus programs. This application detection capability is powered by OPSWAT's OESIS Framework, technology utilized by leading vendors such as Cisco, HP, LogMeIn, BMC and many others.

Task-oriented interface

GEARS prioritizes tasks for you, allowing you to quickly determine what needs to be fixed. The simple interface with easy navigation also makes it easy to dive deeper to find specific information and to automatically remediate issues. Tour the interface >

Daily malware scanner using multiple antivirus engines to locate possible threats